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Re: The Martians are Coming

Dang! You beat me at it!!

Here's another link:

I bet our esteemed host would like to include "alien attack" to the global warming causes.

Re: The Martians are Coming

I think that story has got to take pride of place in JEB's 'complete list of things caused by global warming' list. It's the most bizarre claim yet.

I remember when "The day the Earth stood still" film, in its 2008 Green propaganda remake version starring Keanu Reeves, was shown on free to view UK television about a month ago I was a bit surprised that the Guardian's environmental journalists didn't make more effort to exploit the minor propaganda opportunity provided by the film. [The original 1951 version of the film had a political agenda as well, the producer apparently wanted to promote the idea of the need for a strong United Nations using the film} It looks like they've managed to find an obscure paper where some scientists appear to be lending their voice to the main theme of the film.

One of the authors of the paper, Shawn Domagal-Goldman, who describes the paper as a 'fun paper', is a bit embarrassed that the Guardian picked the story up and emphasised his connection to NASA, as discussed in this blog post:


The Guardian's science correspondent Ian Sample doesn't look very competent. He doesn't seem to know the difference between a 'paper' and a 'report', and he obviously hasn't attempted to contact any of the authors of the paper before publishing the story, which I would think would be advisable in the case of a paper that isn't accompanied by a press release.

Re: The Martians are Coming

We're doomed...