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This forum is about wrong numbers in science, politics and the media. It respects good science and good English.

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Comment received

From P GUNN []
The site's called Number Watch, but has seen a complete slide into a rant about global warming using ridiculous terminology and phrases that would've been out of place in the Sunday Sport!

What happened to the numbers?!

Re: Comment received

May I be as bold as to suggest him three numbers?
1.- click 'enter' in the initial page
2.- click 'my forums'
3.- click a post, read, learn, enjoy and post your comments (btw, there's a bunch more clicks that will be required after this, but I am too lazy to calculate how many of them are possible)

I honestly do not think that a feedback such as that, from a person such as him would deserve a better reply. Plus I think we would enjoy having a go at him.

Re: Comment received

Hey, I posted a nice chart of numbers just the other day.

Not sure if that is what he wants to look at. Murky data. Not much fun to be had with murky data.

Irene was interesting. A friend was worrying about NY City because her son was just ont he other side of the evacuation zone. Everywhere I looked for information on Katrina I found lots of hype. When I went to WUWT I found a ongoing thread of people posting data from alternate sources. For some reason the alternate source data couldn't back up the primaries. Backyard weather stations were recording winds 1/2 the speed of the official reports.