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Enginasters on the loose again.

4000 bars of pressure to get water up 20Km.

Big ass balloons I suppose are the solution. 20KM of pipe able to withstand 4000 bars of pressure and pump a significant volume of water. Hmm. I suppose you don't have to make the entire line support 4000 bars, just the bottom. Manufacturing the pipe should be fun. I guess it wouldn't really be a pipe, but a tube. Flexible tubing rated to 4000 bars. I better go look and see if they already have it and how much it weighs.

Correct me if I am wrong, isn't 4000 bars about 60000 lbs/in^2 or 400000 kpa.

Re: Enginasters--

Your numbers are right, but what if we make the pipe hollow and fill it with Hydrogen or Helium?

I can't really believe the level of ridiculousness that our generation has achieved: asbestos, AGW, stock market, mathematical computer models, tsunamis, nuclear...... and the list goes on and on.

I will not see it (unless I quit smoking, salt, fats, good foods, alcohol, pay carbon credits, etc...), but I bet any money that 100 years from now our generation will go down in history with the words 'hysterical', 'alarmist', 'nonsensical', or something of the like attached to it.

BTW, heard on BBC Gore talking about big oil sponsoring a campaign of bad science. Only a politician has that kind of nerve to be so cynical.

Re: Enginasters--

An important update - that experiment was supposed to start this month (October), but as I was half expecting, the Green lobby has found a way of messing it up. The experiment has been postponed for six months to give an opportunity for Green groups to voice their opposition.

This post from the anti-geoengineering Green blog, "Hands Off Mother Earth" gives details:


It looks like the Greenies want a ban on all geoengineering field experiments until there is an international agreement on the issue, and presumably the agreement they have in mind is one where all geoengineering experiments are formally banned. One of their people in the EU called Kriton Arsenis has pushed a resolution through on the issue.

The postponement follows a campaign by several dozen international Green NGOs who wrote a letter to our old friend Chris Huhne about a week ago demanding that the experiment should be cancelled:


A lot of AGW sceptics are strongly opposed to geo-engineering, but as I've said before in this forum I'm neutral towards it and even slightly in favour of it, at least at the R & D stage, because it has the useful effect of making the Greenies look even more incoherent. The real purpose of AGW to the Greenies is to promote renewable energy - if they seriously believed AGW was a catastrophe they would not object to things like nuclear power or geoengineering research.