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Polls.... bias?

The Telegraph ran an article about the 1922 committee suggesting to Stuntman Dave that he needs to hold a referendum on Europe.
The poll result is interesting:
Trade only - we need to claim back sovereignty: 92%
Political Union: 8%

These results read a bit like a "free and democratic election" in a totalitarian state.

So I'm wondering about what bias they may be.
Obviously, this is a poll of Telegraph readers.
I'm not even sure what to read into that and that's as far as I've got.
Of course, Stuntman has no intention of allowing a referendum; never did and never will just as he has no intention, despite desperately signing that they will "pressure the energy companies to reduce bills", to scrap these useless wind farms or the squalid policy that goes with it (not with pa-in-law making £1000 a day out of it and more to come).

So the two questions are:
How closely does this poll reflect the nations view?
How will stuntman wriggle out of of complying?

Re: Polls.... bias?

I believe that of those people in this country who have an opinion on this matter, a sizable majority wish for Britain's secession from the EU. I am one of them. However, I am not sure I wish for a referendum. They did that in Ireland on the Lisbon Treaty, and when the government (and the EU) did not like the result, they held another. The government here will likely do their best to make sure it is non-committal if it does not go the way they want. Instead I would prefer a conservative party to crop up in place of the Tories, one with a policy of regaining national sovereignty and independence from foreign rule (one qualifying test for being able to straight-facedly call yourself conservative, and one, along with many others, on which the very liberal David Cameron and his cohort fail miserably).

Re: Polls.... bias?

Well, as we see the question is moot. It appears neither Cameron nor the liberals are prepared for us to do anything to upset our EU lords and Masters.

The interesting argument is that this is the wrong time.
What is the right time?
When there is no chance of the people wanting to leave I guess.
Personally, I'd think the time to leave a sinking ship is while the lifeboats are still afloat.
Cameron seems to think we should wait until the ship has stopped sinking and has sailed into calm waters with warm sunny weather. Of course, that means an awful lot of futile bailing because the ship of EU state has more holes than a colander.