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Re: The next Green scam

Very interesting observations.
These things have a habit of suddenly hitting the conciousness when it is already too late to stop the and wagon.

Of course, to be really effective, there has to be a lot of money in it for a very few influential people.

This particular "NeoScam" has lots of the right things in it; plenty of scope for the "its for your own good" excuse to impose draconian measures on an unwilling and gullible population, but the amounts so far handed out in grants and aid seem rather paltry when compared to the virtual trillions to be made from the climate scam.
But that's because I don't have the inventive streak of larceny that enables me to see where the real money is and how just a select few will latch onto it.

This scam also has some unfortunate drawbacks already evident. I don't mean that the "strings attached" aid has unfortunate similaritie to US aid tied to anti-abortion policies (or was it the other way round?). I refer instead to the unfortunate term "eugenics".
You can't talk about population without you start to look at population limitation mechanisms.
There is an old saying "The rich get rich and the poor get children."
The point is that as the quality of life improves, those who benefit no longer feel driven to have lots of children.
A first step along this road would be to limit the welfare payments to single parent families. However, the effectiveness of such policies is not the question. The problem is that UK governments have already opted out of trying to regulate population growth by such simple inoffensive means.
And we are not getting any richer because of the economic meltdown and the commitment of all our funds to the current climate scam.
So wealth won't be a key to population reduction.
That means something such as the Chinese have done.
Such schemes have been suggested before in other cultures, it's just China so far that has gone down that route.
But what happens?
There is gender discrimination and wealth discrimination and pretty soon we'll be looking for DNA testing and positive eugenics....
a) boy or girl child?
b) screen for all sorts of genetic negative traits.... Downs syndrome, heart conditions, sickle cell anaemia? and so on.

There are lots of ways such a project can go to hell in a hurry. And there will be plenty of people ready to start us of on these side tracks.

Sooner or later there is a danger that some different criteria will be applied to licences to have children. Money, education, lack of criminal history .... and before you know it different ethnic groups will perceive (rightly or wrongly) that they are being discriminated against.

There is a very real concern that the population is growing too fast.
According to some the population doubling interval is such that if we are not there already we can't be far off that magic point at which there are more people alive than have ever lived before.
We also have had a recent article where some attention seeker has claimed the first person who will live to be 1000 years old may already have been born.

SOmething may well need to be done, but I dread the type of policy making we will see if it follows the pattern already set by AGW... where democracy has no place, where science has no place and where the NGOs deliver power to s small shady minority.

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