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Re: Information on Forum

Apologies for a slight misuse of an English idiom. It should have been "lap of the gods" meaning fate rather than human agency. It refers to the fact that I cannot see a way of reviving the substantial content of Numberwatch without access to FrontPage.

Re: Information on Forum

John, you could try 'KompoZer', which is a free program that is supposed to be similar to FrontPage:

Re: Information on Forum

I have a couple of contacts who will probably have a backup copy of Frontpage 2003 if that's of any use. I'll chase it up this week and get a copy in the post to you if I have any success. I might struggle to get my hands on an earlier version.

Re: Information on Forum


"It refers to the fact that I cannot see a way of reviving the substantial content of Numberwatch without access to FrontPage"

A couple of years back (at least now), I took a full copy of John Daly's web site, just in case it ever disappears off the internet (I have not and never would attempt to re-publish it without the permission of his relatives). I did this using a piece of software called HTTrack (just google it). I'd be more than happy to do the same for your good self, so that a copy of Numberwatcher's content is kept for posterity (as JD's will now always be).

I have you personally to thank for turning me into a catastrophic man-caused global warming sceptic and a sceptic in general, so much so that I'm now working directly with Anthony Watts and Roger Pielke Snr on a GHCN version of the project.

If you ever need Numberwatch to be upgraded (it doesn't need to be IMO) in anyway then just let me know and I'll do the whole thing free and gratis for you as I would consider it an honour and a privilege to help you out.



Re: Information on Forum

Just to blow KevinUK's trumpet for him a bit in regard to his provision of computer support services to the AGW sceptic blogosphere, I believe he played a significant role in enabling some bloggers to study the first batch of Climategate e-mails. I occasionally visit the 'Harmless Sky' blog and noticed an acknowledgement to him there back in 2010.

Doing a quick search, here are a couple of tributes to him from the Harmless Sky blogger TonyN (Tony Newbery):

"H/T [hat tip] to KevinUK for his superb Climategate database with advanced search feature"

"Sceptics are now often described by warmists as being ‘well funded and coordinated’. This is so far from the truth that the only response can be laughter. Just before I went away, David Holland obtained over three hundred emails from Reading University, under the FOIA, which were delivered in the latest Outlook Express format. Only Steve M had the software to open it and the rest of us spent many futile hours (days?) trying to find a way to view the data without making Microsoft richer. In the end the redoubtable KevinUK rode to the rescue out of the kindness of his heart. Your suggestion that there should be some kind of centralised coordination is timely, and it is being talked about."

KevinUK is like a much less assertive version of 'John A', for those who remember John A's posts a few years ago in this forum.

Re: Information on Forum

John, last time I was there the takeaway kebab in the Balls Pond Road (why are street names in London always prefixed with the definite article?) had been forced by disability and equality legislation to install a stair lift and wheelchair access. Trouble is, they don't know if they will be able to produce an HSE-compliant risk assessment in time, and document having trained their staff in its safe operation.

Re: Information on Forum - FrontPage 2003

I have a copy of FrontPage 2003 which I'd be glad to post to you. Just say the word and you'd have it by the end of the week.

Re: Information on Forum - FrontPage 2003

Thanks for those kind suggestions and offers. A wizard from Oz got in touch by e-mail and is sending me a copy of FrontPage 2003. I was beginning to despair of Number Watch ever being brought back to life.
I now find myself the victim of another case of artificial obsolescence. Apparently there is no Windows 7 driver available for my HP 5300 C scanner, so a perfectly workable piece of equipment is now a piece of junk. After searching the web I find that there are many others who have had the same experience and will never buy from HP again. I think I will join them in that. I had to send Mrs Bending Author to the local library to photocopy documents and put them in the post, special delivery, to the accountant. At least I have finished work on the accounts for this year, a task I loathe and dread.
I have to admit to a profound lack of knowledge about modern operating systems such as Windows. I began programming in Pegasus Machine code in the 60s, when you had control of the whole computer without having to contend with the eccentricities of designers of operating systems. If anything went wrong it was your fault. Now you don’t know whether it’s a case of Bill Gates type customer-led debugging. My memory was never very good, so keeping in mind the arbitrary decisions of system designers is always a problem. Modern whiz-kids make much of their reputation on preserving a mental encyclopaedia of such rules, rather than actual programming skills.
Well, with hope of a phoenix-like rebirth of Number Watch, I had better take up the invitation to this year’s Numby Award ceremony, though how I am going to get up those stairs in my crippled condition is another problem to be solved. Perhaps they have a dumbwaiter. Meanwhile, I will finish off the piece called “Isn’t it annoying when the inevitable happens?” that started off as a file named aug11.

Re: Information on Forum - Scanner

Have you just tried connecting the scanner? I'd be surprised if Win7 doesn't just work with it: it's very good with all sorts of old stuff and many, many drivers are built into Win7.

Re: Information on Forum - Scanner

Another possible, if long-winded, solution is to load up a Linux distro (free - I'm using Ubuntu) to dual-boot with Windoze. I've had no problems using the "Simple Scan" program that comes with Ubuntu with any scanner I've tried. Then do all your scanning, save as JPEG or PDF, re-boot in W7 and carry on. A bit of a pest, but it does work, although I'd give Robin's solution a try first since most drivers are built in to most OSs.
Alternatively, my brother is a skip-hunter (American: Dumpster Diver I think) extraordinaire and frequently finds dumped all-in-ones with the printer function knackered. I don't advise our Bending Author to go crawling around his local tip, but I can look out for one if he likes. Failing all that, drop me an email, John, and see if Santa can deliver!

Re: Information on Forum - Scanner

This might help with the scanner issue ,

I`ve recently "upgraded" one of My ancient computers to Windows 7 and had a similar problem with finding a driver for a pci slot scsi controler and the Vista fix worked nicely . Worth a try at least

Re: Information on Forum - FrontPage 2003

Alternatively, you can install VueScan (free) which has support for legacy scanners via its own drivers: