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Re: Information on Forum - Scanner

Another possible, if long-winded, solution is to load up a Linux distro (free - I'm using Ubuntu) to dual-boot with Windoze. I've had no problems using the "Simple Scan" program that comes with Ubuntu with any scanner I've tried. Then do all your scanning, save as JPEG or PDF, re-boot in W7 and carry on. A bit of a pest, but it does work, although I'd give Robin's solution a try first since most drivers are built in to most OSs.
Alternatively, my brother is a skip-hunter (American: Dumpster Diver I think) extraordinaire and frequently finds dumped all-in-ones with the printer function knackered. I don't advise our Bending Author to go crawling around his local tip, but I can look out for one if he likes. Failing all that, drop me an email, John, and see if Santa can deliver!

Re: Information on Forum - Scanner

This might help with the scanner issue ,

I`ve recently "upgraded" one of My ancient computers to Windows 7 and had a similar problem with finding a driver for a pci slot scsi controler and the Vista fix worked nicely . Worth a try at least

Re: Information on Forum - FrontPage 2003

Alternatively, you can install VueScan (free) which has support for legacy scanners via its own drivers: