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not just spin - even more upside down -who runs new climate classes ?

So are the ones fundraising to put their "Climate Change" classes into schools ?

even more upside down

Peter Gleick - "I've got these secret documents that show Heartland a right wing think tank the evil deniers have a secret agenda to flood US schools with “climate denier” material. Here have a press release"
- "and what do you do ?"
PG - "ah well 5 weeks ago I started a job writing "climate change" education material" on Jan13th for NCSE left wing think tank , so we are fund raising for it .. you can see the Jan13th repeats most of the phrases in the press release I just gave you"

Cer***** ..
PG- "oh dear, I've just resigned from that job. Apparently the fact I'm involved in stolen & faked documents might effect the fund-raising. Thank god my green blog mates are still piling on the NCSE fund-raising log posts slagging Heartland, but keeping my name out of it"
- "you won't get away with it"
PG - "Well actually it's not even a new idea. My mates have pulled exactly the same double flip scam in the past .."

serious YCMIU

- the short explanation

- more with duplicate case from the past

- NCSE exact quotes

Example of green blog first post where she called me "DENIER" "shut-up"

- Her 3rd post fundraising omitting PG's name

Truly upside down world

BTW did you hear the one about "Climate scientists are getting death threats" ... well not with the verified police report you'd expect.