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Re: experienced Malaria deaths hypes

Once it is writ to paper it becomes 'real'.

One of the problems with the "healthcare" debate is that healthcare is a matter of what is medically necessary. How is medically necessary defined. Here in the USA, medically necessary is practically defined as "a prescription from a doctor". In "social" healthcare states you offset this issue by limiting the resources available to provide the service. I get a prescription for massages, now I get to stand in line for a massage. Here the insurance company is "expected" to cover medically necessary activities. Massages, Chiropractic, etc are covered by many. All you have to do is get a scrip.

Healthcare has two sides. People needing healthcare and people providing healthcare services. That piece of paper with the death rate for a country is little more than a scrip begging for money...

Re: experienced Malaria deaths hypes

- That's a very intelligent quote you open with
- almost every news story these days originates from a left or right wing PR agency (activist,union, SIG company, gov etc.) And they know that geting their message down on paper is the first step to changing what is truth.

- But maybe your end message has gone over my head
I can see that Ghana's health stats are analogous to your prescription. And we might hype your own complaints to get a bigger treatment package ..cos I really need that spa treatment & massage etc.
But surely they really do need that malaria medicine more than us ? and wouldn't that lead to objective scientists fudging the figures..even if the aid system is monumentally inefficient, cos the underlying problem is cultural attitudes and it's a bit much to come in from outside & start changing a countries culture ... However that's what missionaries do I suppose