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So? as a lamb, which path should I follow?

I can't seem to make heads or tails.

Are aerosols the next apocalypse or not? In the 90's they were, correct? Now they were preventing global warming. But they won't anymore because they were eliminated. However there was, indeed, global warming..... And no matter what we do, we can't stop GW, it's too late.

Bah, it just baffled me, maybe because English is not my mother tongue I was unable to grasp the whole thing. (and to think I spent a year hunting for a job while these people get paid):

Re: So? as a lamb, which path should I follow?

I think it might be a language problem. An aerosol is in the strict sense only a suspension of small particles in air. However, "aerosol" is also, colloquially, a term for a spray can of something like air freshener, deodorant, insecticide or a cleaning product. These were demonized a while ago when the propellants used to contain CFCs, supposedly leading to depletion of the ozone layer.

Aerosolized soot particles (not from spray cans, but combustion), on the other hand, are supposed by climate modellers to block incident solar radiation and thus have a cooling influence on the atmosphere. This has lead to the claim that "global dimming" (on account of aerosolized soot) is masking "global warming" (on account of carbon dioxide).

Re: So? as a lamb, which path should I follow?

It`s all part of the Green`s misanthropic religious beliefs , that is , it doesn`t matter what happens "It`s all Our fault"

1) Mild cooling phase in the seventies , "it`s ALL Our fault as the pollution is causing global cooling"

2) Mild warming from the 80`s , "it`s ALL our fault , as the pollution is causing global warming"

3) top of the current warming trend is reached in 1998 and plateaus for the next 14 years , "it`s all Our fault as the pollution is causing global.......nothing , uummm ....stuff to happen ! Yeah that`s it ! it`s causing weather!"

In flagellantism , the central tennet is always " It`s all Our fault and We must be punished for it". Twisted though this behaviour is , at least the medieval version had the redeeming quality of only wanting to punish themselves and the travelling roadshow They provided was entertainment for the rest of the populace in the days before electronic media .

Re: So? as a lamb, which path should I follow?

How easy it always has been to get a large number of people to all beat their breasts in unison and say, "Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa" when not a single one of them actually had any control over what had happen.

Whether the planet gets warmer or cooler is entirely due to natural forces, and humans can have nothing to do with it.

As a person who has studied and learned the fundamentals of chemistry, physics and biology, learning much in the way of math, I remain astounded at how few of us who are versed in the fundamentals of all of these sciences there now remain.

PS: Anyone who knows thermodynamics knows to always use the Kelvin temperature scale.