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Racism a disease?

According to this 'study', racism can be 'helped' by the use of a drug. The study's new goal is to use the drug in helping determine the conditions that cause racism, which is a result of an emotion associated with fear.
Well, I do believe racism can be cured with education, and any drug that suppresses or reduces the body's natural chemical reactions to emotions will help. But not only racism, also any other fear.
Why corner it for racism only?

Re: Racism a disease?

I'd say they're attempting to follow the marketing route established many years ago by 'Listerine', which is to talk up (or even invent) a medical condition that your medical product supposedly cures or alleviates.

Listerine originally started in the 19th century as an all purpose antiseptic, being used for applications like cleaning floors and treating VD. Then nearly a century ago they hit on the idea of selling it as a mouthwash and claimed it got rid of 'halitosis' (chronic bad breath). Some people claim they even invented the word 'halitosis', but whatever the truth of that they substantially raised the profile of a medical condition for which there was little previous concern.


It might be more difficult to get racism recognised as being some sort of medical condition than halitosis, but today's politically correct media has a tendency to treat it that way and a drug manufacturer might think there's a chance of exploiting that.

Re: Racism a disease?

Not all that long time ago, if a person found him or herself among others who did not look the same, odds were very bad for that person to continue to live all that much longer. Simple as that.

It was survival of the individual person that caused racism, and if one looks around as of now, nothing has really changed.

Racism is all about survival, even to this very day.