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Re: The lancet Reports on Asprin

I found this from the ultimate marketers of nonsense Harvard which seems to discuss the same subject...

It is amazing how few numbers they put forth and how gleeful they can get over a 50% decreased risk. As Dr. Brignell has so able pointed out, such a decrease is on the edge of being meaningful.

At least this article hints at the tradeoff. The discussion of COX-1 and COX-2 and how they are both good and bad was particularly interesting to me. It reminded me of the Pfizer blunder reported earlier where they were shocked to discover that reducing people's cholesterol increased their risk.

If you **** a river and let no water through, the fish downstream are likely to die...

Re: The lancet Reports on Asprin

I spelled dam wrong... Apologies for the appearance of impropriety...

People who are offended by words like #()@ or $)*# or #*(@ probably should wander around the internet. When the censor censor they often make those words appear where they weren't to begin with...

Re: The lancet Reports on Asprin

Reading their suggestions for "preventing cancer" was a head shaking experience. Life is measured by your appreciation of each moment NOT the number of days you manage to eek out.

It is really hard to make a living saying "eat what you want. If you don't feel so good after eating what you want, I recommend not eating it again." If you don't like hangovers, don't drink till you puke. Feel sick after you eat at McDonald's? Don't eat at McDonalds... Such advice does not cause FUD...

Which brings me to an uncomfortable subject, pro-biotics. If anyone is interested in podcasts, I recommend "Quackcast". A common quote from Dr. Crislip "Meta Analysis, shmeta analysis". He talks about pro-biotics and their effectiveness in one episode. He illuminates with one important clinical application of pro-biotics to save a person's life.

a link the important message is about half way through.... Something you sit on and transplant are involved....

Re: The lancet Reports on Asprin

I have added a comment in the March piece.

Re: The lancet Reports on Asprin

Ah. Just as I thought!