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Re: Feedback -- Why it is important

Hello again John, and all at Number Watch.

My protracted leave of absence from the site has been created by the unhygienic habits of our NHS hospitals: a routine operation for gall bladder removal which went wrong. The surgery was trivial; the MRSA infection was not, it nearly rocked me off my perch, not least the blunderbuss dose of anti-biotic treatment which, as usual, throws 'The baby out with the bath water'. --- All recovered now, so to the point:-

Brad, Bill Whittle uses his 'Airbus' video to have a snipe at the EU and get a plug in for Boeing. Of course, American financial interests stand most to lose if, or when, Europe's Bank's go 'down the pan', so keep 'turning the screw'. It is all Digital, i.e. Funny Money anyway, so I hope the 'when' happens and it disappears back into the 'blue yonder' from whence it came! --- And Airbus could be a competitor to Boeing's interests?

Dave is probably right, 'Managerial ism', it besets the Western world, especially where aircraft and aerospace are concerned. Challenger gets blown out of the sky in the 80's, and NASA did not really listen to that great physicist Richard Feynman, because Columbia went the same way in 2003! --- And never forget that Airbus is an EU project. Strange, isn't it, any engineering safety issues in projects that bureaucrats control are determined by acceptable risk, (acceptability being decided by them), but for private industry they impose 'zero tolerance' to risk?


P.S. John, I now have an inkling of your sufferings these many years.

Re: Feedback -- Why it is important

The problem is "group thinking", and worse, the madness that a mananager need know nothing about the technical knowledge to be a good manager of engineers

Been there, and it was madness.