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Re: Astrophysics

A good article. I doubt I'll have the necessary grey cells to understand the paper itself so the explanation was very useful.
We should remember that our own sun emits radiation which can interact with cloud formation and we have some notable correlations between solar activity and the little ice age etc. and, since well before AGW, a well known association between solar cycles and vintage years for wines.
So I guess we have to give some credence to the idea that any old cosmic radiation will do and we must be swamped in the stuff.
I liked it and I am predisposed to be "open minded" (i.e. I may not have read the paper nor might not understand it if I did but since it is "on my side"....oh ****. That's how climate scientist's work, isn't it. Never mind. If they can't be scientists let's play them at their own game for a while, till some serious reviews come in.)
So, I hope to see some serious reviews of this.