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Re: The next Green scam

This weeks Telegraph has reported on a letter sent by the athletes to Mr Cameron calling on the government to spend money on food aid.
I guess this is part of the money making aspect.
Plenty of scope for research, for money to be spent on ocean farming and al the other possible ways to part the tax payer from his money and cripple the economies of the western world. All to do no more than all previous efforts have done.

I can't help thinking that if I were a single minded athlete and the olympics not yet over, sponsorship deals not yet signed, time not yet taken with family and friends, that writing a letter to Cameron would not be high on my list of things to do unless I had an deep seated guilt complex about my sport taking all that money that could be feeding the starving. In reality I suspect that some gullible impressionable sports people who don't normally look outside the narrow focus of their sport have been exploited by the activists.

I guess we can expect a great deal more of this.
Well, OK, lets first of all cut sports funding and send the money saved to feed the starving somewhere. No, I know, that wasn't what they meant. They meant Government should find the money, but not from sports, they'll be claiming that the medal success justifies spending even more on sports, but won't justify the sports themselves, and that means taxpayer's money.
No doubt they can parley poverty and population into the sort of money they only dreamed of with AGW.