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Blogs -- Oh the joy of blogs

To our bending host -- I agree with every choice you made even if I wouldn't make those choices myself.

I don't have your hatred of the standardized blog. I now use Wordpress routinely for lots of client websites. The challenge is getting them to understand part of what you described. Content is king. A pretty page is interesting for a moment, but if there isn't content flowing in, not a lot of people are going to be back. I didn't even notice the clouds until you just pointed them out. It was just a non uniform background that still made text readable. The only complaint I have about your site is the Java Applet that is the button on the opening page. That is just because I can't see a reason for the designers of FrontPage to have used such a mechanism. It's as if a car designer said, I like the color of lead, lets use lead bricks as our colorant.

The only reason I would suggest someone like you make the leap to something like wordpress is to break the ties of frontpage. All you need to publish is your browser. Wordpress can be configured to look much like what you have today. You can turn off comments (although getting them completely turned off requires dedicated sleuthing). You can hide those pesky sidebars if they aren't appealing . You hate blogs. I hate FrontPage. Not the results. Your site is perfectly fine. I hate using FrontPage. I hate using DreamWeaver for that matter. The DragNDrop mentality seems perfectly reasonable. So far, every implementation makes me say "Wow, Cool, now how do I keep your obfuscations from making my page blow up?" Even in WordPress, I spend most of my time in html edit mode because the WYSIWYG does crazy things... Wrapping a paragraph in p tags is ever so much easier than figuring out the nightmare of style simplifications created by the WYSIWYG tools.

To anyone wanting to have a web presence though, I always recommend WordPress. The learning curve isn't that steep and you can be sharing photos and ideas in a very short time. WUWT is still running on the "free" site. Wordpress makes it so you don't have to come to me for help and have a site that can handle millions of views a month.

Tools are tools. Use them to your advantage. Don't get caught up in learning every new tool though. If the tool you use works, keep using it. Does it matter if it takes an extra 5 minutes to post a commentary a day? ..

It starts to matter when you have 10 essays a day and 400 comments per essay.

I am still here because you are still sane. If you stop using energy balances, I may fail to return. So far though, you keep all the triplets close at hand and draw your boxes to evaluate the system.

Re: Blogs -- Oh the joy of blogs

I'm not fond of front page either.
Through no real selection process, I ended up using Serif's Webplus.
It seems perfectly adequate for my needs especially when I also use Page Plus and Draw Plus to prepare content and illustrations.
I avoid flash and gimmicks like the plaque.

It is the same with PowerPoint. But there you can actually see the audience and watch them draw away and lose interest when the presentation has been filled with the MS sound effects and each new slide has a new transition.
And then there are the kindergarten reading classes.

The world is now filled with some wonderful tools, badly used.

But There is a certain class of web-sites well worth a look. They virtually scream SCAM from the first page you land on. ALways wonderful computer generated animations a page of endorsements. The reports however require you to subscribe. And no one can examine the magic equipment used.

Fuel efficiency gimicks don't quite fall into this category because they have a product to sell, however spurious, but those soliciting government grants or corporate investment are long on high tech web design and have a list of VPs and directors but only one or two others.