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Re: Blogs -- Oh the joy of blogs

I'm not fond of front page either.
Through no real selection process, I ended up using Serif's Webplus.
It seems perfectly adequate for my needs especially when I also use Page Plus and Draw Plus to prepare content and illustrations.
I avoid flash and gimmicks like the plaque.

It is the same with PowerPoint. But there you can actually see the audience and watch them draw away and lose interest when the presentation has been filled with the MS sound effects and each new slide has a new transition.
And then there are the kindergarten reading classes.

The world is now filled with some wonderful tools, badly used.

But There is a certain class of web-sites well worth a look. They virtually scream SCAM from the first page you land on. ALways wonderful computer generated animations a page of endorsements. The reports however require you to subscribe. And no one can examine the magic equipment used.

Fuel efficiency gimicks don't quite fall into this category because they have a product to sell, however spurious, but those soliciting government grants or corporate investment are long on high tech web design and have a list of VPs and directors but only one or two others.