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Gold Medal Junk Science Down Under

Down under, we have a new Gold Medal for junk science awarded to Professor Münchhausen Lewandowsky of the University of Western Australia who conducts "experiments" to obtain extreme confirmation bias, selectively polling one population and then using the data from obvious caricatures (about 10 of over 1100 "players") in order to support his case. When people pull the legs off the bug and look at the entrails (raw data); they see that even the biased, selective results actually contradict the headline hypothesis.

Putting infamy ahead of obscurity, the Professor doesn't have the sense to commit Gergiscide (after Joelle Gergis whose paper was pulled from publication by a senior co-author because it had so many holes in it) to preserve the already-tenuous reputation of the University. No Professor; it's NOT a conspiracy theory that 6 is greater than 4.

Re: Gold Medal Junk Science Down Under

William Briggs has decided to have a go at the Lewandowsky paper. He manages to find seven mistakes in the opening sentence of the paper.