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Re: Don't know

I tried to get behind the paywall using my alumni access to the EBSCO journal database and couldn't get past the abstract either. I then did a search on the lead author: Alpert, Hillel R., Harvard Medical School; and obtained the following list of publications:

"Increasing prevalence of smoke-free homes and decreasing rates of sudden infant death syndrome in the United States: an ecological association study."
"Smokers' self-reported responses to the introduction of reduced ignition propensity (RIP) cigarettes."
"Public Attitudes Regarding Banning of Cigarettes and Regulation of Nicotine."
"Does Switching to Reduced Ignition Propensity Cigarettes Alter Smoking Behavior or Exposure to Tobacco Smoke Constituents?"
"Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Neurobehavioral Disorders Among Children in the United States."
"Smoke-free households with children and decreasing rates of paediatric clinical encounters for otitis media in the United States."
"Understanding worldwide youth attitudes towards smoke-free policies: an analysis of the Global Youth Tobacco Survey."
"Tobacco Industry Control of Menthol in Cigarettes and Targeting of Adolescents and Young Adults."
"Ignition strength of 25 international cigarette brands."
"After The Master Settlement Agreement: Targeting And Exposure Of Youth To Magazine Tobacco Advertising."
"A Statewide Public Health Approach to Improving Organ Donation: The Massachusetts Organ Donation Initiative."
"Unintentional Child Poisonings Through Ingestion of Conventional and Novel Tobacco Products."
"Prevalence and social environment of cigarette smoking in Cyprus youth."
"Recent Advances in Cigarette Ignition Propensity Research and Development."
"Concise Screening Questions for Clinical Assessments of Terminal Care: The Needs Near the End-of-Life Care Screening Tool."
"Views of Pediatric Health Care Providers on the Use of Herbs and Dietary Supplements in Children."
"What Terminally Ill Patients Care About: Toward a Validated Construct of Patients' Perspectives."
"Comparing Utilization of Life-Sustaining Treatments with Patient and Public Preferences."
"Does switching to reduced ignition propensity cigarettes alter smoking behavior or exposure to tobacco smoke constituents?"
"Patterns of dual use of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco among US males: Findings from national surveys."
"Trends in the Use of Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products, 2000-2007."
"Can goals of care be used to predict intervention preferences in an advance directive?"
"Environmental and economic evaluation of the Massachusetts smoke-free workplace law."
"Needs Near the End-of-Life Care Screening Tool."
"Terminally Ill Patients Survey."
"Psychometric analysis of an advance directive."

Alpert seems to be into smoking (or is that anti-smoking) research in a big way.