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Things People don't want to know

My wife asked as we left Costco, "Should I have bought the other Fish Oil?"

I mistakenly answered "No".


"you should have bought none of it?"

"But the specialist in Poulsbo said I should start taking Fish Oil. She didn't want me to take the stuff at CostCo though. She couldn't testify to its efficacy?"

[Fill in appropriate expletive here! Make it as vile as you like] [repeat][repeat again][Graham's Number might actually be useful]

Anyone care to guess what "Fish Oil" my wife should have bought? Which Vitamin D3?

I am a very negative person. I suggest that you don't take endless supplements. I suggest not worrying too much about adding fertilizer to your crops. I suggest that you not get excited about news stories discussing the ramification of caffeine + or -.

Who the hell am I to suggest you not respond?

They don't want to know the negative. I leave my talking to places like this. There is a chance someone here might pipe up and say "But my Krill Omega-6 is amazing!" It isn't likely though..

To think this was really a response to *** discussion on the blog.