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EPA's Petard used to launch a thousand lawsuits


I wonder how Dr. MengeleJackson will deal with being sued for human experimentation with substances decalred hazardous to health at any dose.

Re: EPA's Petard used to launch a thousand lawsuits

The interesting point about this is that the EPA is in a corner.
They have either to stand by their claim that PM2.5 is lethal in any quantities and any exposure or they have to admit that they knowingly conducted lethal experiments on humans.

It gets better.
If they claim the "science" is flawed and that the declaration:
“EPA has officially concluded that this gas is a genotoxic carcinogen and that there is no exposure level below which it can be considered safe. In fact, EPA Administrator Jackson testified to Congress that of all deaths occurring in the United States, 1 in 4 “is attributable to PM2.5.” is not only false but was known to be false when they conducted the trials, then why has that declaration been allowed to stand?
Their only defence against the inhuman experiments charge is that they knew then that this was false. And that means they must explain why they have allowed a false declaration and its dependent regulation to stand for so long after the event. The presumption must be that for the experiment o be approved that they knew long before the declaration was false and had verified that this was so.

Now if they next address CO2 and SOX and NOX we will be in good shape.

Falsus in unum, falsus in omnibus

Maybe at some time, just as the UK's Labour Party ferreted out and disposed of Militant Tendency which was taking over the party at it roots and infesting its constituency party organisations maybe something like this could be the point at which responsible governments start to purge the militant eco-activists from the various organisations that are supposed to serve the community and not the purposes of a militant minority.

Re: EPA's Petard used to launch a thousand lawsuits

@JMW, this is a court of law we are talking about. They will make both contradictory claims as rebuttals to two separate allegations and, being a government agency, win on both counts.