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Cherry-picked Trojan Number?

Tho this is not just an American problem, I am not certain of just what is happening.

Is it a Trojan Number or Cherry-Picking or Cherry-Picking a Trojan Number to suit political bullcrap?

Last week Americans had a general election and re-elected their President.
He claims his policies are those of the majority of Americans because he was elected by the majority of Americans.

Indeed, he received 60.5 million out of the 120 million votes cast and that is a 51% majority.

That is only 36% of the registered voters

That is only 29% of the eligible voters

That is only 26% of the adult population

That is only 20% of all Americans

Re: Cherry-picked Trojan Number?

Anyone who chooses not to vote effectively is agreeing to live with whatever everyone else chooses. They obviously didn't care enough to vote.
I'm not sure that they won't split along pretty much the proportions of those who did vote. No way to know but not voting is simly allowing others to make decisions for you.

Re: Cherry-picked Trojan Number?

Then there's this.

Zero votes even for Romney is a bit of a stretch.