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World Bank on BBC

Heard it on the BBC this morning:

It just baffles me, every time alarmists bang on 'skeptics', 'denialists', or whichever name they like to tag them (us) one of the first thing hey do attacking any research is harp on the "Big Bad Wolf.... Oil" funding. Whether this is or is not he case is irrelevant. It is always 'dirty' funding.

However, when one of the major financial institutions in the world, which has the most to gain from the panic, calls for action. Instead of anybody challenging the vested interests, they just flow along.

I am baffled that, to my knowledge, nobody has yet challenged the funding of all the pro-AGW studies while the research that shows doubt is blasted by the source of the money. And yes, I purposely used the term 'pro' for AGW. I am in the operational side of the industry (environmental BTW) but I can very well see that when we need/want certain results while doing tests or R&D, it is very difficult not to sway the experiment or observations one way or another. It takes a LOT of discipline to avoid this (specially when your paycheck is in the line).

Re: World Bank on BBC

@Francisco -- I hope it is clear that we few who fall back to this bastion of sanity have repeatedly asked that question. I suspect our bending author would think a few minutes before turning down funding from Big Anything. I suspect though that the offers of payment for his services haven't been many from those evil peoples (I used a different word here and was "bleeped" -- I wonder when "bleep" will start getting "bleeped").

In the harbor of Big Finance though, my neighbor has squared himself with the bank. For 2 years he has not paid his mortgage (on advice from counsel), they (Big Ole America) came back and gave him 2% for 20 years. Once again, the people who play by the rules will not get this lovely rate. Only those who don't. Big Finance is actually coming to the aid of many many home owners. That doesn't make the news. The only thing that does is when Big Ole America decides to foreclose on a property it doesn't have a mortgage on do we get the juicy details of evilness.

More than half of the people I know have gone down this path successfully. (One is working on his 3rd year now without paying the mortgage).

Re: World Bank on BBC

I had a quick look at the report written for the World Bank and the main thing that surprised me about it is the Bank allowing a report like this to be written by such an obviously partisan organisation as 'Climate Analytics'. Imagine the furore if a fossil fuel industry firm wrote a report for the World Bank dismissing concerns about global warming. For people who haven't heard of this small Green NGO and its ex-Greenpeace director Bill Hare:!search/profile/person?personId=12519495&targetid=profile

Mr. Bill Hare
Berlin, Germany

Company Background & Description
Company Description: Climate Analytics is a non-profit organization based in Potsdam, Germany. It has been established to synthesize climate science and policy research that is relevant for international climate policy negotiations. It aims to provide scientific, policy and analytical support for Small Island States (SIDS) and the least developed country group (LDCs) negotiators, as well as non-governmental organisations and other stakeholders in the 'post-2012' negotiations. Furthermore, it assists in building in-house capacity within SIDS and LDCs.

Bill Hare's Employment History
Climate Policy Director
Greenpeace Ltd
Lawyer and Campaign Director
Greenpeace Ltd
Visiting Scientist
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Policy Analyst
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Social Systems Scientist
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

I think the way it works with the World Bank is that whether it is pro-AGW or not depends mainly on whether its president happens to be appointed by a Democrat or Republican US President. It used to be pro-AGW in the Clinton era and the head of the IPCC at the time (Robert Watson) also held various scientific advisory positions with the World Bank. The interest by the bank in AGW then faded away in the Bush era, and in recent years it has been lending loads of money to build coal-fired power stations. Now that the term of office for the bank president from the Bush era has expired, Obama has appointed another pro-AGW bank president.

Re: World Bank on BBC

I just noticed that WUWT has a fairly recent post called "The Atlantic Magazine’s ’5 Charts About Climate Change That Should Have You Very, Very Worried’… Worried about scientific illiteracy." debunking some of the material in the recent World Bank report.


The five charts about climate change that are debunked in the post include three from the World Bank report and another two from a recent report prepared for the US intelligence agency, the CIA.

It might puzzle some people as to what the CIA is doing involved in AGW. This relates to a body set up during Obama's presidency called the "Center on Climate Change and National Security" which has a brief to analyse the geopolitical ramifications of “phenomena such as desertification, rising sea levels, population shifts and heightened competition for natural resources.” There is a recent news story claiming that Obama has ordered this CIA unit to be shut down: