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Health reporting

Just last week USA Today, a 5-day per week newspaper published by Gannett, contained a headline that says it all. It said "Increased longevity is masking the effects of unhealthy life styles" or words to that effect. I did not read the article, I thought the headline said all there is to say.

Re: Health reporting

Pretty much what the AGW camp were claiming: Global chilling is masking the full effects of global warming.
So much so that there has been no warming for 16 years.

Re: Health reporting

Piffle. It was a bit warmer last week. In fact, 10:23 last Tuesday morning in Canutillo, Mexico, was the hottest 10:23 on a Tuesday morning of week 50 in Canutillo, Mexico on record (records started 2008). And that was after they moved the weather station 7.4 metres further above sea level with a mere +6°C adjustment for the higher altitude.