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Re: Apology

Is that what that "Traffic Swarm" Banner was all about?
And you have to pay to be ad free?
They get you coming and going, don't they.

I recall when I missed a renewal on my website and when my home page opened instead of my familiar home page it was littered with ads for porn sites.
Well I quickly renewed I can tell you. The last thing I needed was for my web address to be tagged by Google, McAfee and site advisor as leading to potentially harmful sites.

I queried my ISP about this and they said it was beyond their control. It was upto the domain provider and they usually took vacant domains and leased them out short term.
Well, I can understand them making some cash out of a dormant domain even for a short time but I don't think letting it to a bunch of pornographers was good businesses was such a clever idea. OK, it may be renew pretty quick but if they had done some damage I'd have had to acquire a new domain.

It's a tough world out there.

Re: Apology

@JMW -- Your domain name expired? or your web server subscription expired?

Re: Apology

Sorry, Domain name.
A ".com" domain.