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This forum is about wrong numbers in science, politics and the media. It respects good science and good English.

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Dear Editor...

Dear Editor,

On behalf of our founder, Sister Agnes Twaddle SJ (94) I would like to add the voice of our organisation to those who have already written to you deploring your evidence-based approach to the many great problems afflicting our excessively affluent society.

We at the British Association for the Neutralisation of All Limiters of Lifespan take great offence at the suggestion that individuals may be permitted to choose to indulge in any pursuit, consumption, or exposure that, for the purposes of flightly temporal gratification, reduces the time they might spend on this earth to appreciate the qualities of cold, nourishing gruel.

Be aware that your dissent has been reported to our umbrella body the World Organization for the Realignment of Social Tastes. We would appreciate your confirmation that you will cease and desist publication of material likely to encourage the enjoyment of a shorter life, rather than the suffering of a longer one forthwith.

Yours sincerely,

Mildred Twinset
Head, Quality Ass. British Association for the Neutralisation of All Limiters of Lifespan.

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