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Knife Crime in UK. Da Duh DUMMMMMMMM!

What? I thought places without guns didn't have violence?

A long time ago, I worked in a display shop. We build display cases. We cut out lots of parts on a table saw. The table saw is a dangerous tool. Blade spinning at high revs. OSHA required guards. We didn't always use the guards. When cutting 1000 small pieces, that guard could cause an accident as easily as prevent it. When working around spinning blades be very attentive to the spinning blade. IT WILL KILL you if you are an idiot.

5 "temp" employees that year. I was the only one that didn't go to the hospital.

I learned a lot from the error of my peers though.

Then I forgot one day and decided to pull broken glass out of a window with my bare hands. It was working just fine until one didn't and broke. A nice permanent reminder to not play with broken glass.

I have cut my fingernail off 5 or 6 times though. Sharp knife. Oddly no point. Those fingernails are amazing. Protected my finger just enough.

Re: Knife Crime in UK. Da Duh DUMMMMMMMM!

I'm not quite sure why you're drawing our attention Brad to some propaganda piece dating back from 2005 by the British medical establishment attempting to get pointed kitchen knives banned that is also behind a paywall. However I managed to find a free-to-view copy of it on

I haven't heard anything about pointed kitchen knifes being banned in the UK, and I don't remember the politically correct sector of the media backing this campaign, so I don't think it worked.

The UK is not really the best country to pick in order to advance an argument that tighter gun control doesn't stop a country being violent. The murder rate in the UK in 2011 was 1.23 per 100,000 inhabitants, about a quarter of the US rate of 4.8 per 100,000 (with about 15% of the US rate caused by stabbing). Jamaica would be a better choice of country for the point I think you're trying to make:

The Jamaican murder rate is about twelve times the US rate despite having gun control since the 1970s.