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Cigarettes == Sugar

Motorcycles kill people really well, except so many people I know ride motorcycles and don't die.
Cigarettes are deadly, but the people I know who smoke do manage to get a significant amount of enjoyment from their periodic 10 minute breaks.

I think I have said before that there is great value in all the work being done by epidemiologists, but the work that is useful is usually left in the file cabinet. The rare exception to it getting filed is when it refutes a claim made by someone else. The data dredge is a wonderful tool if inverted and catalogued. Every connection that is tested and found not to exist is what should be stored and made available to the masses. The mass of that information would be overwhelming though and extraordinarily hard to replicate. Trying to tie everything to everything and make that easily accessible is a huge task.

hmm. How could one turn this into a nice monthly earner.

I don't know how many politicians could get behind it. Such a database would be used to refute the FUD that makes their jobs possible.

Re: Cigarettes == Sugar

Jack Cohen was wont to observe that the really good thing about motorbikes was that they removed the reckless from the gene pool when it was just too late for their mothers to replace them.