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Re: Absolutely Barking Mad

Absolutely it`s a mainstream green idea , many greens have called for actions to deal with sceptics ranging from incarceration ,being treated with drugs/electroshock therapy to "cure" them , gas chambers and that green wet dream , the 10:10 video of just blowing sceptics up.

I suspect most environuts are vaguely aware that proposing wholesale slaughter of people just for disagreeing with You is bad publicity but misanthropy is such a strong undercurrent of their cult(ure)that every so often one of them can`t restrain themselves and excitedly blurts out their dark Malthusian fantasies.

I didn`t agree with the approach of confronting the University and getting them to pressure Parncutt to retract His ravings as I think it`s better to let people see the twitching insane monster that lurks beneath the bland green mask.

Re: Absolutely Barking Mad

I did manage to get myself banned from the Australian Skeptic Group (a huge inconvenience, since I live in the pacific northwest), because I suggested that a 2X4 might help some of the scientist remember the fundamentals of physics. I hinted that some of the scientists we have today would analyze a railroad track and spend a little too much time trying to figure out where the vibrations were coming from.

I was apparently being violent.

Perhaps my imagery did involve violence. I am inclined to use such imagery again. Right now there is a great desire in the States to disarm the populace. Great in this case means a minority of the population, but you wouldn't quite know that from the media reports.

Assault weapons are terrifying. My answer is to make automatic weapons legal. Put a fully automatic AR-15 in the hands of the instigator of the Sandy Hook incident, and the death toll would be significantly less than it was. Several people would have been more dead than they already were, but the assailant would have sprayed the rest harmlessly in the wrong direction. There is a reason the M-16 no longer has a Full auto capability.

They broke Enigma by leveraging a hole created to prevent the obvious from happening. When you pressed an A, A would never come out the other end. Intuition might suggest to someone that we don't want to not encypher a letter. Turns out that was the wrong idea. Sudoku teaches us that.