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Re: Thoughts on 28Gate

To illustrate my point that there may be other meetings between BBC programme-makers and Green activists on climate change that we don't know about, consider this post from Richard D North's blog about a climate change conference he attended in April 2012.


Richard D North is not to be confused with the other Richard North, the EU Referendum blogger. RDN works for the 'Institute of Economic Affairs' free market thinktank and seems to be the token conservative representative who gets invited to UK climate change meetings, probably because he used to be an environmental journalist in the 1980s and early 1990s and is therefore sort of acceptable to the Greenies. He was one of the attendees of the notorious BBC seminar of January 2006.

Extract from the blog post:

"One curiosity. I noticed that several participants felt that if the public didn’t “get” climate change or the horrors of nuclear or the need to conserve energy, or more spending on cleaner energy, then that was a failure of communication. Maybe. I prefer to suppose that the public has understood a fair amount and just doesn’t care much. More communication might make them care even less.

Another curiosity. A couple of people said that the next wave of persuasion ought to be amongst women, as though females were less persuaded than men but might become better activists for the cause once they were. I said, good luck with that."

From the above extract it can be inferred that Green activists are in attendance and I would guess that media organisations are present (which could include the BBC) as there is talk about failure of communications and a suggestion to target women in the next wave of persuasion, and the media would presumably be the ones doing the communicating.

The blog post doesn't give enough information to identify whether the BBC were actually there, as the conference was held under the 'Chatham House Rule', which seems to be used as an excuse to hold secret meetings.

Re: Thoughts on 28Gate

Well done again, Dave! It is important that we keep the light shining in the establishment engendered darkness; you in your small corner and I in mine.