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Re: Via Dolorosa

I have met people in California that make very good livings off of giving these courses.

If they are just a little bit edgy, they can make their living even cushier. It is mostly just a signature.

Soon their will be an online version of the course.

Re: Via Dolorosa

I saw another example like that of an environmental journalist bringing some strange religious material into an article a couple of months ago. This one was the final article written by Michael McCarthy after fifteen years as environment editor of the Independent newspaper, available on this link:


In three paragraphs towards the end he comes out with the religious stuff, the gist of it being that Man is fallen but was redeemed by Christ, and the environmentalists are the new redeemers of mankind.

The title of the McCarthy article "Man is fallen and will destroy the Earth – but at least we greens made him wait" pretty much sums up the philosophy of the Green movement- it is basically all about delaying anything they don't like, of which the most recent example in the UK would be Ed Davey's antics in creating a two year delay in the exploitation of UK shale gas.

On the subject of Prince Andrew being made an FRS to the disgruntlement of many in the Royal Society (which relates to the "Have I got news for you" clip where he was elected by a Soviet-style ballot in which nearly everybody abstained), I think the RS fellows have to put up with that as being part of what goes along with the title of the organisation. If they don't like the idea of Royals being made members, they should take the bold step of changing the name of their society even if that means losing the historic 'brand name'.