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German Environment Office - 123 Pages Against Sceptics

Reception of the 123-page pamphlet by Germany's Environment Office (Umweltbundesamt - UBA) is warming to the point of ignition.

Henryk Broder writing for Die Welt brochure directed against sceptics of catastrophic, anthroprogenic climate change.

The UBA takes a huge step further. It establishes the boundaries of the climate debate. i.e. it eliminates the debate. And it defines who has the right to say anything and who should remain silent.

Germany's publically funded ZDF broadcaster identifies potential defamation.

Climate Change Sceptics Officially Undesirable
The publication of the Federal Office may give the impartial reader the impression that these [inconvenient] journalists and authors are deliberate falsifiers who are foreign controlled and paid for by lobbyists.

(Translations of quotes are mine.)

Re: German Environment Office - 123 Pages Against Sceptics

To paraphrase, it would only need one of those 123 pages to be right.