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Re: Google buys an enginaster company

Further to my previous post, I just checked Greenpeace's website and it turns out they have already released a new edition (6th edition) of the Cool IT Leaderboard for 2013 back in April. [This leaderboard is announced at roughly yearly intervals - 5th edition in Feb 2012, 4th edition in Dec 2010, 3rd edition in May 2010; the use of non-uniform time intervals presumably increases the potential for Greenpeace to play the Green-leaning IT firms off against each other].

In the latest edition of the leaderboard, Google ties for overall first place with Cisco, the scores for Google being: Overall 58/100 1st place, made up of: Climate solutions 17/40 7th place, IT energy impact 19/25 3rd place, Political advocacy 22/35 1st place.


"Google’s continued advocacy for clean energy and willingness to put its money where its mouth is helps keep it atop the CooI IT Leaderboard for the second year in a row, gaining 5 points from last year’s total to earn a first place tie with Cisco."

The acquisition of Makani Power was announced as a news story a few weeks after April 2013, but I would imagine the acquisition did not take place overnight, it may have been underway for several months and could have influenced the decision by Greenpeace to award Google joint first place.

Re: Google buys an enginaster company

Relax, everyone. This is why we have the whole capitalism, free market thingy. If someone with surplus money wants to stick their cash into some venture, good luck to them. If they can get it to fly, we are all better off. If, as more likely, they can't get it off the ground, they've wasted their money not mine.

Far better than the current approach to renewables, which is to tack on a huge and unavoidable tax to electricity to pay for stuff because we know it isn't (yet) working.

Re: Google buys an enginaster company

Maybe the purchase wasn't what it seemed. This seems unrelated, but I am pretty sure we can make a tether that supports multi gigabit data transfer.