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Re: Gullible Google

Reading the article from "The Register" again, I'd say Google's executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, is not being entirely gullible. He's showing quite a bit of craftiness for example in this extract from the article:

"And that pesky carbon problem is only going to get bigger, Schmidt said, as internet use increases and data centers will need to be built to service the five to six billion internet users that he says will occupy the planet in the next decade or so.

"The majority of humans will be on the internet," he said.

But an increased number of people in developing countries sharing information, Schmidt believes, will eventually lead to a global understanding of the threat of climate change. "It may take five years or ten years," he said. "A true global emergency, which is underway, will eventually be noticed by the people whose water sources dry up, are victims of terrible variations in climate, on and on – we all know what the issues are.""

Google's core business objective must be to have as many people worldwide on the internet as possible for the advertising revenue they bring in, the six billion user figure referred to above. But at the same time Google is part of the "New Clerisy" that pretends you can run the world, including the internet, to a large degree on renewable energy. Schmidt seems to have come up with a method of 'squaring the circle' - the increased CO2 emissions associated with having six billion users on the internet would need to be tolerated by other progressive people, because once the six billion are online, they will in time recognise the global emergency of climate change and the lying climate change deniers will then be defeated.