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Re: Predatory birds

I thought I'd revive this old thread as I noticed an interesting confirmation of my claim that the Greenies tend to suppress the idea that the decline in hedgehog numbers in the UK is in any way linked to the thriving population of badgers.

The Daily Telegraph's countryside columnist, Robin Page (who used to be the presenter of the BBC's "One man and his dog" TV programme in the 1990s), has noticed some jiggery-pokery going on in a fairly recent edition of the BBC's TV programme "Countryfile":


Page happened to know that a person interviewed in Countryfile was a strong proponent of the view that badgers are a substantial threat to hedgehogs, but strangely there was no mention of this issue at all in an interview she gave to John Craven where she talked about the decline in the hedgehog population. When Page contacted the interviewee she confirmed that she had mentioned the badger predation issue several times in the interview, but the Countryfile TV producers had edited it all out.