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97% of Berliners reject Obama

On his most-recent visit to Berlin, the Obama administration had to invite 6000 people to get an audience of 4500 attending his "I am a jelly doughnut" reprise. The locals, I read, were most unimpressed with the "security measures" surrounding the event with much of the city being off-limits and residents on surrounding streets being left to swelter in their homes, not allowed to open their windows.

In 2008, Obama drew an audience of 200,000 with his speech at the Siegelsäule. For completeness, The victory column in Berlin is a gay icon and crowds may have confused Obama's speech as being part of the Love Parade.

Re: 97% of Berliners reject Obama

This has been commented in the Telegraph, for example. It appears that Obama is no longer the great hope that most people thought.
OK, the first African American President had expectations of him that were far to high for him to ever achieve anywhere near those levels.
However, he seems to have failed to even come close to the performance of many past presidents. I guess it didn't help that his own view of his presidency was that he was one of the best while the electorate have steadily downgraded him to somewhere on Jimmy Carter performance levels.
Of course, when things start to turn sour at home, foreign adventures are the usual answer.
Foreign adventures include world tours where he can say "look how much everyone else loves me!", which has apparently failed this time in a spectacular manner, though how this is reported in the US is another matter. Perhaps more unfavourably than we might usually expect since it appears he has also managed to alienate the normally sycophantic liberal press.
The other thing to do is bomb someone. Clinton tried this during his problem with cigars and interns, and probably contributed more to the 9/11 tragedy and general upsurge in terrorism than might have been the case had he followed security services advice to go after their finances instead.

What Obama might now do is uncertain. Chances are, if he decides to bomb someone, that it might be the UK since he seems to have a thing about the UK.

On the other hand his approach to domestic popularity isn't much better thought out. He did gain some credibility by supporting fracking which seems to have done more for the US economy than any other measure - despite of government intentions (and the law of unintended consequences which seems to naturally prey on politicians) maybe, rather than because of it. BUt now he feels he has to appeal again to the eco-angst groups with his renewal of green issues. I can't help think his has missed the boat on that one too.

Re: 97% of Berliners reject Obama

At least he's not Dubya. We tend to forget that. So give the guy a break.

Re: 97% of Berliners reject Obama

Gladly. Between which two cervical vertebrae?