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Epidemiology a la Retail

Cookies in Big Box Stores

I have a mac with iPhoto on it. My wife has uploaded 10s of thousands of photographs into it. There is a feature of iPhoto called "faces". Faces goes though and helps you tag the photos in your collection with names. It is a cool feature. It does find the faces and tag them for you. You have to constantly train it though.

Even after extensive training though, you have the standard bag of results. There is a list of results they ask you to confirm that are good the names they tag to the face is correct. There is a list of results that are wrong. They have tagged a face correctly, but named it wrong. There are items that are completely wrong. They have tagged something as a face, but there is no face there. There are also the others. Photos with clear faces on them that don't get tagged as having faces at all.

Add to the mix of variables, time in store, time in part of store, and the other items mentioned in this article and you have an epidemiological dream. The chance of finding a wee p-value and charging a chain of stores.

That is not quite what is happening here, but the technology suppresses the most fundamental aspect of sales. ...

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