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Re: Epidemiology Gone Right?

I don't think Amazon need a good working recommendation or suggestion system anywhere near as much as Netflix seem to do. As a customer of Amazon for about 15 years, I've never bought anything that was suggested to me by them. The suggestions that Amazon make are often strange, and even give the impression that they're trying to shift items that aren't selling particularly well. A list of screenshots of what are claimed to be the most ridiculous suggestions for other items to buy from Amazon is given on this link:


Re: Epidemiology Gone Right?

I have several books written by Ann Coulter. It doesn't keep me, my grandkids, my dogs, spiders, or mosquitoes away. It must not work.


Re: Epidemiology Gone Right?

Sadly, as a guy who works in this area, I can see how most of those happened.

Lost in the noise is all the noise of the person doing the search and the unnoise the programmer has to somehow insert.

Most of the suggested combinations I get are boring.