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Re: BEST Kept Temps

Apologies for the smallness of the dots on the chart.

Re: BEST Kept Temps

What I did.

Downloaded the Quality Controlled data from

Created MySQL tables for site_detail and data. The tables are tab delimited. I deleted the header cruft.

Created routine to plot the temperatures on a standard axis and output as GIFs.

Exported the sites by number of observations. I started with the site with most observations and grabbed the next 10,000.

The google map only plots the top 5000 within the frame currently selected. If it looks like some are missing zoom in.

There are 40,000 locations in the set.
24,000 have less that 30 years of data.

We all know that you can't see climate with less than 30 years.

The lowest temperature is recorded in one of the less than 30 year sets.

If you click around in here, you will see why BEST now has other variations you can download. There isn't anything exciting in this most basic of views.

Re: BEST Kept Temps

It looks like is your own website Brad. You appear to have been posting the website link in the comment sections of quite a few blogs in the last week or so:


Re: BEST Kept Temps

One thing I notice from your website Brad, is something I hadn't previously appreciated about the BEST (Berkeley Earth Surface Temperatures) project, is that it must be limited to land temperatures. The very few locations that appear to be in the ocean must correspond to small islands. I don't remember that major deficiency of the project, where 70% of the earth's surface is missed out, being mentioned much by environmental journalists when this project was reported as a news story.