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Re: New Math

I searched around a bit to see if there was any more information on what the Santa Fe Institute is doing with its analysis of the Old Bailey criminal court records.

This first link from a few months ago, indicates that they are trying to find out whether they can predict whether a guilty verdict is going to occur from earlier events or conversations in the trial:


In this second link the researcher Simon DeDeo seems to have mainly picked up from his computer analysis that there was a significant amount of liberalisation in British attitudes to criminals over the course of 250 years:


I think most people would know that from a knowledge of history (pretty much everybody in Britain knows that people used to be hung for what would be considered minor offences today) rather than needing to carry out a computer analysis in which a strong signal jumps out at them.

The second link also gives a description of the research institute at the end of the article: "The Santa Fe Institute is a private, not-for-profit, independent research and education center founded in 1984 where top researchers from around the world gather to study and understand the theoretical foundations and patterns underlying the complex systems that are most critical to human society – economies, ecosystems, conflict, disease, human social institutions, and the global condition."

It looks to me like this Institute is a bunch of people who are enthusiastic advocates of "scientism", the belief that you can solve all the world's problems by science.