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Why Links go bad!

Speaking as one who helps with making the web accessible, there are many factors at play. One of those factors might be "Get rid of that piece of garbage I wrote so no one can link to it anymore".

I keep writing future looking code that attempts to keep the past accessible. It keeps getting harder to do. Even our bending author right now is facing the dilemma of FrontPage. Changing over to another engine like WordPress involves pain and suffering and moving the content from the old site to the new site which operates under a completely different organizational plan. FrontPage in some implementations provides lovely hinderances to such conversions. Today though, you might need to get a new computer. If you do, you will get Win8 installed by default. FrontPage is no longer a product. Will it work with Win8? I do not know and do not want to know. For the right price, I will look into it, I am join going to charge for every abusive word I utter. My advice is "Get a web grabber, have it download your site, put that into an "archived" section of the new site, and redirect links there, then take a couple hours to learn WordPress well enough to start posting there.

Do not be surprised though if a year from now wordpress 4.5 is no longer compatible with WP 3.8.

WordPress has permalinks, but even those can easily get subverted by add-ins to help you manage the overhead associated with the sites.

Take a dot lego and another. How many ways can they be put together.. 1.

Take a 2x1 lego brick. How many ways can 2 be put together. Infinity.

On the surface, the storage issue seems a simple answer. There is no shortage of storage. No story should ever disappear. The issue is how the pages are generated. More specifically how revenue is generated. An ad from 10 years ago is really not much good. There are lots of ways to keep the ads from being stale. How that happens can interpose many little steps that subvert the transparency goal.

I would like to believe that these folks are hiding their words. I think though that they are really all just looking for the next paycheck. The next paycheck is the fundamental root of all conspiracy.

Re: Why Links go bad!

When I decided to create and manage my own web pages I was tempted by a local college of technology evening class.
Sadly I discovered that the fruit of Blair's meetings with Bill Gates was that what they taught was how to use the Microsoft product, not about web design in general nor anything about SEO etc. Also, since the course tutor seemed to be only one page ahead of everyone else I dropped out and bought myself Serif Web Plus (they have free simplified versions available)
Web plus does let you capture an existing site (more or less complete)and I have my old site stored.

What is concerning are the antics of Google. I am far from pleased with their search engine nor with their "characterisation" of searches personalised to your previous browsing history and even less enchanted by the news that AT&T etc, the US cable companies, are presently trying to get the law changed so that can charge different rates. Not sure I understand all of this except that it means that those who can pay will always be top of the searches along with paid for adverts and the rest of us will drop out of the first few search pages, if we ever managed to get there, and will quickly sink into oblivion.

Not quite what the web promised.

Re: Why Links go bad!

Occasionally I do vanity searches on Google. What makes the first 6 pages might affect how someone views me in the world. Up till about a year ago, my comments from numberwatch, jref, and WUWT showed up with many others. Now about all that is there are links to social sites.

Correlation and causation insert ugly anti-side. Google found ways to make correlation work for them. The SEO people found ways to make google's use of correlation work for them. Google is still better than AltaVista. The need for revenue $$$$ still exists though.