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Re: The 'New Scientist'

I managed to find a free-to-view copy of the 'relativity drive'/'fly by light' article online on this link, for anyone interested:


My understanding of New Scientist's attitude to Steorn is that they regard them as a bit of a joke, for example this article:

My understanding of New Scientist's position on cold fusion is that they appear to be more sympathetic to it than average for the scientific establishment, but don't go as far as actively promoting it (they would probably have a boycott organised against them if they did). For example this interview with a leading cold fusion researcher following the death of Fleischmann in 2012 gives the researcher a fairly easy ride:

Re: The 'New Scientist'

I used to be a subscriber to New Scientist and it gave a useful tour d’horizon of science in general, but that was long ago and it is now just another journal that has been penetrated by watermelons, who have seized control. I had forgotten about it until recently, when the BBC showed that brilliant film The IPCRESS file. In the preamble it is being read by the scientist who is about to be kidnapped.

Re: The 'New Scientist'

New Scientist is still a good place to advertise jobs - we get a lot of response, and usually at least one or two of adequate quality.

I have a hypothesis for the next move of the warmists, after another 10 years of zero warming. That it's irrelevant whether warming is man made or not. It might be completely natural but it's still bad, so all your money are still belong to us.

That and the fact that zero warming is proof that their prescription is working. In the same way that, throughout history, the continued failure of whichever god to pour out fire and brimstone on the world has been given as proof that the prayers are working.

Re: The 'New Scientist'

Reminds me of the story of a man who travelled by train to the city every day and every day, year in and year out, he would carefully shred his newspaper and spread it on the floor around his feet.
Finally one of his fellow passengers could resist no longer and said to him:
"Excuse me for bothering you but I've watched you do this every day for some time now and I just wondered why you do it."
"Oh," he replied, "It keeps the elephants away."
"But there are no elephants in Surrey."
"I know. Effective, isn't it."