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Re: 106 Biomarkers -- 4 === RR 19

I woke up this morning realizing why that 19 was causing such a tick if my psyche... It was not in the paper. It was extracted by a summarizer by dividing 288 by 15. 288 deaths in the upper quintile vs 15 in the lower. But the epidemiologists specifically DID not report this in the paper. The RR for all deaths for those 4 biomarkers was 1.75.

1.75 might be considered a little more than a whisper away from one. Let's call it a gentle cough. It is still very much in the zone of "I ain't worrying about this!"

I need to print out this study and keep it handy if ever I get a full physical again.

This story has gained more hits because of it's ties to Heinlein's "Lifeline".