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Re: Climate Clown on Irish radio

I suppose it should be pointed out that Duncan Stewart isn't just any old climate clown, he could be regarded as Ireland's top Greenie. For people who haven't heard of him, this Wikipedia article gives an introduction:

He presents two green-oriented programmes for the Irish public service broadcaster RTE, one called "Eco Eye" and another called "About the House".

One thing I note about the article provided by KF is that it appears in the 'environment section' of the Irish Times newspaper. A news story like that, where a high profile environmentalist comes across as a bit of an idiot, would not be reported in the environment section of a British newspaper. The news story would be left to somebody like Booker or Rose to pick up.

Duncan Stewart is probably most famous internationally for making some doom-laden documentaries about Chernobyl about ten years ago. To reinforce the message of doom further he also claimed to have nearly died at or near Chernobyl in an incident during the film-making where he climbed up a tree to get a better camera shot of the plant. He fell out of the tree due to its branches supposedly being weakened by radiation and spent several days in hospital.

Just out of interest I thought I'd check up on rumours I've heard that the Chernobyl surrounding area (an 'exclusion zone' of 30 km radius) is much more substantially populated than Western media generally reports it as being. I found this article which gives the population of Pripyat, the town next to the nuclear plant, as being about 10,000 in 2012, and was rising by about 800 per year. There is also a growing tourist industry connected with Chernobyl.

I wouldn't live in the Chernobyl exclusion zone myself, but I admire the way that the new residents are sticking two fingers up at the authorities, and sticking two fingers up even more at people like Duncan Stewart who would like to have the exclusion zone made many times bigger.