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Law of Scientific Consensus

Dear Professor Brignell,

Can you give an example of your Law of Scientific Consensus other than global warming and Galileo?

Best wishes,

Re: Law of Scientific Consensus

Pardon a rather hurried reply, but I am having irritating technical difficulties in uploading the number of the month. I am afraid I can only suggest a bit of homework.
You only have to look at the early career of Albert Einstein. Try searching “Einstein’s opponents”. The consensus in physics at that time was derived from the giants of the previous century, led by Lord Kelvin, who (allegedly) said "There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement".
Subsequently Einstein found himself defending the consensus (classical physics) against the new quantum mechanics and (on the grounds that God would not throw dice)lost the debate at the famous Solvay conference of 1927.
If that is not convincing enough try searching “Darwin’s opponents”, noting that they were not all religionists and even included not only his own professor but also the founder of the Natural History Museum.
Of course, the mechanism is different now, since the political classes seized control of science and false science is the public norm, but the law remains largely effective.
Please note especially the first six words of the law. One critic, by citing only the latter part, used evolution as a contrary example.