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I have begun drinking more in my post 45th year. I use to drink once a month or less. Now I drink a little more than once a month. There are some who would consider this "alcoholic". I will pour myself when I remember to pour it, a 24 oz beverage consisting of 6 to 8 oz of vodka, 12 ounces of diet soda, and a splash of Orange Juice or Cran Raspberry to fill it to the top. The design of this drink is bounded by our hosts discussion of a new pill. It has enough of a punch to take the edge off the worries of the world, but not enough punch to give me the side effects in the morning.

I am dumbfounded that such a pill could be conceived. I shouldn't be. I have lots of friends who through away their BPA bottles.

These things cause me to stutter because I am completely at loss as to how to explain the stupidity. This has to be a punch line to a comedians joke doesn't it? "I can buy a pill that gives me the spins without having to toil through all those 12 packs. Isn't science wonderful!"

Once again the ending of "Body Snatchers" comes to mind. Two people cross the street trying to pass for "Snatched" but the one is so in mode with being snatched he rats out the other so an not to appear to be in need of being snatched...

Re: Alcohol?

Briggs and Brignell. and are going to go into my tag lines in all posts I make on this glorious internet for topics brushing on science.

Anyone suggesting that these two sites are Word Salad, or in the pay of the Bigs, or lacking in credentials gets put immediately in the crank column.

If I am lucky, they will deem me a crank just as quickly and ignore me because I have these two pillars of sanity linked.

I have not posted tens of thousands of sane words. These two have. WUWT is mostly sane, but the comment threads can be tiresome. They aren't quite as tiresome as youtube, Facebook or JREF. Numberwatch is the most peaceful place on the web. Unfortunately that could be construed badly. I held up my hand to a pizza delivery guy yesterday thinking in my head "Sorry, didn't mean to get in your way". I realized 10 steps later that he could have interpreted the raised hand as "STOP, you sum b", "Stop, Idiot", "****, the lights are bright!", or a thousand other disparate messages based on the interactions he has had in the last 24 hours. There is a chance of such miscommunication here at the numberwatch forum (should sarcasm tags be used or not!), but there is little chance that I am going to be cast as a member of Big Climate, Big Oil, Big Pharma, or Big Science.

I might be cast as Juvenile. But that is because I have only managed to dispose of 10 or so 1/2 gallons of Vodka in my 45 years. I have 0 pipes. 4 puffs of a cigar. 0 puffs of MJ. 0 injections of any recreational substance. 1 occasion of taking vicodin for a non serious injury. Siddhartha would not be proud. I also keep looking at Flying Electric Generator proposal, hoping that someone will have found a way around the tether problem. Solar Freaking Roadways are in my head the same thing as Flying Electric Generators. They both have the same tether problem (High voltage power lines exist for a reason), pairing low voltage generation techniques with power transmission runs into I^2R issues. I try to read the proposals with an open mind though. Maybe someone has find the loop hole that I have missed. The electric car loophole? I am sitting at my desk at home working. Using Drones to deliver packages to homes? I^2R..... only in the form of the helicopters dilemma.

Scattered brains everywhere. .

Re: Alcohol?

"These things cause me to stutter because I am completely at loss as to how to explain the stupidity. This has to be a punch line to a comedians joke doesn't it? "I can buy a pill that gives me the spins without having to toil through all those 12 packs. Isn't science wonderful!""

I don't think it is quite as bad as that Brad. My understanding with this nalmafene drug is that you get the hangover, or even the feeling that the room is spinning around if you go that far, after drinking the usual amount of alcohol required to get into that situation. According to a BBC article about the drug being introduced in Scotland (which is the heaviest drinking part of the UK) in 2013, it works by reducing the release of dopamine in the brain, lessening the "buzz" or reward sensation associated with alcohol.


I understand that drugs which might eventually provide a substitute for alcohol are under development, as described in this article by David Nutt:


The aim is to produce drugs which can reproduce the more relaxed and sociable effect of alcohol, but avoid the less wanted effects such as addiction, aggressiveness and hangovers, which sounds like a better application of science to me than the nalmafene drug. As I remember it, David Nutt used to be in charge of a committee advising the British government on the misuse of drugs until he lost his job a few years ago for making statements that politicians didn't want to hear (a fate unlikely to be encountered by climate change advisers),