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Re: Alcohol?

"These things cause me to stutter because I am completely at loss as to how to explain the stupidity. This has to be a punch line to a comedians joke doesn't it? "I can buy a pill that gives me the spins without having to toil through all those 12 packs. Isn't science wonderful!""

I don't think it is quite as bad as that Brad. My understanding with this nalmafene drug is that you get the hangover, or even the feeling that the room is spinning around if you go that far, after drinking the usual amount of alcohol required to get into that situation. According to a BBC article about the drug being introduced in Scotland (which is the heaviest drinking part of the UK) in 2013, it works by reducing the release of dopamine in the brain, lessening the "buzz" or reward sensation associated with alcohol.


I understand that drugs which might eventually provide a substitute for alcohol are under development, as described in this article by David Nutt:


The aim is to produce drugs which can reproduce the more relaxed and sociable effect of alcohol, but avoid the less wanted effects such as addiction, aggressiveness and hangovers, which sounds like a better application of science to me than the nalmafene drug. As I remember it, David Nutt used to be in charge of a committee advising the British government on the misuse of drugs until he lost his job a few years ago for making statements that politicians didn't want to hear (a fate unlikely to be encountered by climate change advisers),