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Re: Gay statistics

IIRC, Kinsey's number included everyone who'd once had a drunken fumble or session of "self exploration" with someone of the same sex. From my own circle (industrial R&D, not entertainment or politics), the known, dedicated homosexuals (i.e. those that sleep mostly or exclusively with the same sex, excluding those that might on occasion) are around 1 in 30, so closer to but still rather higher than, 1%.

Really, in terms of the arrangements society makes, it doesn't matter if homosexuals are 10%, 1%, or 0.0001% of the population. Society supplies a legal framework for a contractual arrangement known as "marriage" and there isn't any obvious reason why your freedom to enter in to such a contract should be restricted by the sex of the other contracting party. Judgment of numbers has nothing to do with it - it's just that there is no good reason, in a liberal society, to not let consenting adults have fun with each other.

The paedo frequency issue is clouded by the fact that men interested in postpubertal girls below the age of consent are counted as paedophiles. This definition of course includes almost all of the male population (less the homosexuals).

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