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John's absence

I 've just noticed that I received an e-mail from JEB regarding his absence from the Numberwatch website.

"I tried to make an announcement there [the forum], but could not find the box to enter the validation code. I have queried this with Bravenet.

I am completely out of action at the moment. My wife (and carer) was rushed into hospital with a serious lung infection at 3 am on the Saturday a week ago. Meanwhile the hosting service has announced that they will no longer support FrontPage, so I have to learn FTP, but I haven’t got time to devote to it at the moment. Talk about Sod’s Law! I have been obliged to get help form Social Services, as I am now considerably disabled.

Ken Happala has promised to broadcast an announcement of my absence but continued existence on the SEPP weekly review on WUWT. I wonder whether you would be kind enough to do the same on our forum."

To sum up, JEB's wife is in hospital, he's having a bit of trouble uploading material to his website, and he's flummoxed by the comparatively new anti-spambot feature in the Bravenet forum.

Re: John's absence

Thanks for the situation report.

Re: John's absence

Thanks for your message,Dave.
And best wishes to John and Mrs Brignell.

Re: John's absence

I too thank you for the update and wish to express my own wishes for the recovery of our "bending author" and his wife.