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This forum is about wrong numbers in science, politics and the media. It respects good science and good English.

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Dave Gardner : Appreciation of your postings!

Just to say thank you for all the very interesting observations (and links), that you've posted on this forum especially over the last few weeks.
I'm sure that all readers hope that John has better health this year.From a selfish POV I'd love to know what he'll make of BBC4 "Climate Change by Numbers", Mon March 2nd 9pm.
Sounds right up the "Numberwatch" street?

Re: Dave Gardner : Appreciation of your postings!

Thanks for the encouraging words, Edward. When JEB is out of action a lot of contributors to the forum tend to reduce their posting activity, almost as though they are maintaining a respectful silence. But my attitude is to at least keep up my usual posting rate in the forum, and even possibly increase it, when JEB is indisposed.

On the forthcoming BBC4 documentary "Climate change by numbers", I've got a feeling that it's going to be yet another propaganda piece, given the track record of its executive producer Jonathan Renouf. Renouf was responsible for two notorious climate change-related BBC documentaries "Earth: The Climate Wars" in 2008, and "Meltdown: A Global Warming Journey" in 2006.

The Meltdown documentary featured a TV presenter called Paul Rose who was portrayed as initially being a sceptic, but then had a Damascene conversion in the programme and emerged as an AGW believer. Many people watching the documentary may have thought that the 'journey' by Rose in being convinced of AGW was genuine, but it was revealed later on in the Climategate e-mails (Climategate 2 I think) that the documentary's main storyline was staged: